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All You Need to Know about Cats

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Welcome to All You Need to Know about Cats!  This is a webpage for cat lovers and people who need information on cats.  Question? Comments?   E-mail me at

November 15, 1998:  Hello, this is Dorrie, a.k.a. toolgirl361.  I am looking for people with pictures of their cats and a scanner.  I am trying to get more pictures of cats for a picture gallery.   E-mail me the pictures at I may have to edit the backgrounds, but otherwise the pictures will stay the same.

Also, I am looking for poems about cats, any cat, any breed of cat, if it is about your cat, you can provide a picture, if possible.  Again, e-mail me about anything you want on the page, etc.  Again, the address is 

November 1, 1998:  Vote for your favorite breed of cat of the two      breeds provided.  At the end of the month I will tally up the scores and announce the winner.  After that, I will put up another two breeds of cats and at the end of December, I will announce the winner.  Then, I will put the winners of both the polls I took and you can vote between those two.  I will announce the winner on February 1, 1999!

Your favorite cat bullet poll

What's your favorite breed of cat?

Maine Coon


November 2, 1998:  Persian Cat: Get some information about the Persian Cat.
November 3, 1998:   Contact Information:  Need some help on getting your cat a pedigree? Click There.
November 4, 1998:  The Life of a Cat:  See the daily life of a cat.
November 5, 1998:  The  Five Senses:  Information on a cats' senses.
November 6, 1998:  Send a Virtual Card:  Send one of your on-line friends, relatives, or colleague a virtual card.
November 7, 1998:  Lynx, Lynx, Lynx:  Links to other cats sites.
November 8, 1998:  About My Cat:  A picture and some information about my cat, OREO.
November 9, 1998:  Kitty Krazy Message Board:   Post you questions, comments, Poems, etc. about cats.
November 10, 1998:  OREO:  A poem about my cat written by my friend.
November 11, 1998:  Crochet Fish Pattern:  A crochet pattern for the the crochet lover, you make a toy fish and stuff it with catnip for your cat.
November 12, 1998:  Crochet Cat Magnet:  Crochet a Magnet for your refrigerator.
November 13, 1998:  Persian Picture Gallery:  Pictures of the Persian cat, more to be added soon.
November 14, 1998:  Links, Links, Links:  Another links page.  It has non-cat sites listed in it.