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Links, Links, Links

Petticoat Junction On-Line:  This is my brother's website.  It is about the nostalgic TV show, Petticoat Junction.  Read articles about Betty, Bobbie, Billie, and Uncle Joe, along with Kate and Steve.  A wonderful site with a lot of info, it's the place to be for show lovers!

The Quaker Oatmeal Website:  The home of Quaker Oatmeal On-line.  Get recipes calling for Quaker Oatmeal,  and much more!!

Ty:  The Official Home of Beanie Babies:  Are you a beanie baby lover?  This is the home of the cute and cudly Ty Beanie babies,  find pictures of Beanies and other Ty Plush.  The Place to be for the Beanie Baby craze.

Yahoo! Chats:   A place for chat lovers to go and chat, click on the "Room List" Button to get Yahoo!'s full list of chat rooms, some rooms are Cat Chat, Pets and Animals Chat and Pets Chat.  Go there today!

Yahoo! Games:   Go in and play backgammon, checkers, chess, reversi, and more!  You can chat with the person you are playing with, too!

Yahoo! Pager:   Download the Yahoo! Pager soe you can put people that you met in Yahoo! Chats onto your buddies list, then know when they are on and off line!  When they are on-line you can privately chat with them!!

Is there a site that you think needs to be on here?  Write the URL on my message board, or e-mail me at