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About my Cat

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This is a picture of a cat that looks like mine. 

Oreo is a good cat, about 6 months old.   He loves to play in boots, shoes, water, and paper and plastic bags.  We can't let Oreo out side because he doesn't come his name and  the neighbor's cats, which are wild (mostly)  almost died out this spring and summer from which we think is feline leukemia. 

I caught Oreo from my neighbor's house when he was 1 month old,  we couldn't let him be around his mother because she may have the disease and because his father was down there and we didn't want the two cats to get in fights.  Luckily, Oreo was able to eat dry kitty chow, canned food, and evaporated milk diluted with water.  If he started to be inactive, then we had to mix some cairo syrup with the diluted milk

Now Oreo is a fat cat that weighs about 8 pounds, and he is a faithful companion!