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Crochet Fish Pattern

From:  McCall's Design Ideas, Christmas Knit and Crochet  Vol.22, (c) 1985

SIZE: 4 inches long

MATERIALS:  Knitting worsted, small amount yellow and black. Crochet hook size F/5.  Absorbant Cotton.   Catnip. 

GAUGE:  5 sc = 1 in.

FISH:  (make 2) With yellow Ch. 9

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd. ch from hook and in ea. ch - 7 sc.  Ch 1, turn.

Row 2:  Pull up a lp in ea. of 1st 2 sc, yo and thru 3 lps. on hook (dec made), sc in 4 sc, dec.1 sc.

Row 3:  Dec 1 sc, sc in 2 sc, dec 1 sc.

Row 4:  Sc in 4 sc.

Row 5:  2 sc in first Sc (inc made), sc in 2 sc, inc in last inc.

Row 6 - 9:  Inc 1 sc ea. row end ea. row- 14 sc

Row 10:  Sc in 14 sc.

Rows 11 - 15:  Dec twice in ea. row- 4 sc.

Row 16:  Dec twice- 2 sc.

Row 17. Sc in 2 sc. Fasten off.

FINISHING:  Sew Pieces tog, stuffing before sewing last seem.  With Black, eye and mouth on fish.  Work a few sc along top seem for fin.

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