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I got this information from a book called "Cats" and Eyewittness handbook, by David Alderton.


These elegant and graceful cats, known as Persian in the US and as Persian Loghairs in the UK, have been popular since Victorian times.  They have been bred in an everincreasing range of colors (you will lear about the different colors in the following paragraphs), but their appearance has changed considerbly since the early days.  They now have a flatterm more rounded face and the ears are smaller;  the coats have also become more profuse, and these require daily grooming in order to prevent matting.


Orange-eyed White

Country of Origin:       Great Britain Ancestry:  Angoras x Persians
Origins:        1880s Shorthair option:  Orange-eyed White Exotic
Temprament:  Docile

Some of the earliest Persians in Europe and in the US were white.  These cats usually had blue eyes, and the oranged-eyed form resulted from subsequent crossings involving Blue, Cream, and Black Perians.


Features:   Pure white, with a long, thick coat, these are quite large cats, with a distincly cobby profile.  On occasion, kittens may show traces of dark markings on the head, but these usually disapear later in life.


Remark:   It was only in 1938 that the Blue-eyed and the Orange-eyed White Persians were divided into seperate categories in Great Britain.


Blue-eyed White

Country of Origin:  Great Britain Ancestry:      Angoras x Persians
Origins:            1880s Shorthair option:  Blue-eyed White Exotic
Temprament:   Docile

Unfortunately, the distinctive blue eye coloration of White Persians is frequently linked to deafness, and it has not yet proved possible to eliminate this weakness. 

Features:   All White Persians are born with blue eyes, and this makes it difficult to distinguish, at an early stage, those likely to be handicapped later on.

Remark:   The origional White Persians appear to have been brought from Turkey to France during the 1500s and were known as Angoras, after the Turkish capital of Ankara.


Odd-eyed White

Country of Origin:  Great Britain Ancestry:             Angoras x Persians
Origins:                  1880s Shorthair Option:  Odd-eyed White Exotic
Temprament:          Docile

These cats can occur in littlers bred from blue-eyed parents or from mixed matings.  Deafness, if present, is normally confined to the ear on the same side as the blue eye.

Features:   Eyes should be a deeo shape of the appropriate color, with the coat itself pure white.

Remark:   They were first reconized in the U.S. during the 1950s.



Country of Origin:       Great Britain Ancetry: Angoras x   Persians
Origins:    1880s Shorthair Option:    Cream Exotic
Temperament:  Docile

The Cream coloration resulted from pairings of Tortoiseshells and Red Tabbies, but the offspring produced were almost entirely male.

Features:   A pale to medium shade of cream is preferred, with no white in the undercoat.   Tabby markings in kittens should fade in time.

Remark:   The first Cream Persians to be produced were of a much darker shade than those seen today, bordering on fawn in some individuals.


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