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The Body Of a Cat


On this page, you will find information about the anatomy of a cat.  You will find out about the reproductive system for female and male cats; their senses; and some of their characteristics.

The Five Senses

Sight- The cat's sight is not as advanced as a human's, it probably sees most colors in different shades of gray.  The cat's eyes, however, can detect the slightest movement.   This is good for hunting or pouncing.  (like Oreo, my cat!)

The Eye- The narrowing of the pupils means that in bright light the cat lets less light in.  The widening of the pupils lets more light in when the lighting is dim.  A third eye-lid is located in the inner corner of the eye.  It protects and lubricates the iris.  Irises of different color are the features of an "odd-eyed cat".  They have normal vision.


Smell- The scent of a cat is highly developed.  The way the newborns find their way to their mother is by their smelling capability, because their eyes and ears are sealed.  Cats have a sense organ located in the mouth that aids in their scent. 


Hearing- Cats have a better hearing capability than that of humans.  Deafness is very rare among cats.   Deafness is inherited with only white cats with odd eye color (don't worry, not all white cats are deaf!).


Feeling- Whiskers aid a cat in feeling when it is dark.  Whiskers are attached to nerves.  It is said that if you pull or cut a cat's whiskers, they will die (this is what I heard, it many not be true.  If you have any corrections, please e-mail me!)